Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.

Is there any specified time limit within which I must complete the BDE course?

In order to be eligible for certification, the Ministry of Transportation requires that the BDE course be completed within one year.

While I am undergoing an online course, is it possible for me to start the In-Car training?

Yes, online course completion is not a pre-requisite for the beginning of In-Car training. Students are allowed to do both course components at the same time.

After completing prescribed Hours of In-Car training, can I Still request for additional training Hours?

For certification by the Ministry of Transportation, a minimum of 10 Hours of In-Car training is required. You can always coordinate with the driving school for additional lessons if you desire to do so.

On completion of the BDE course, who will book my road test at the Drive Test Centre?

If you have signed up for Package 2 (Intermediate) or Package 3 (Advanced), then your In-Car instructor will book the road test and you will use the instructor’s car for the road test.

I signed-up for Package 1 (Beginner), can I use instructor’s car for the road test?

Package 1 (Beginner) does not include the use of the instructor’s car for the road test. However, you can always coordinate with the school and upgrade to Package 2 (Intermediate) or Package 3 (Advanced).

When and How will I receive my MTO Certification?

You will be certified, once the 20 hours of the online course, 10 hours of HomeLink, and 10 hours of in-vehicle training are complete. Before going to Service Ontario to pick up your Driver’s License History, please check in with our office to confirm that your certification has been processed.

What is the driving school policy for pick-up and drop-off of students?

For In-Car lessons, students will be provided free pick-up and drop-off.